Tri State Keeps New England Hotels, Ski Resorts & Country Clubs Safe & Clean

Extensive ductwork hides within the walls and ceilings of hotels and recreation facilities where hundreds of people sleep, relax and play. Hidden dangers, such as the extensive buildup of grease and dust with those ducts, vents and hoods could cause a fire, putting employees and customers at risk.

Tri State succeeds where so many hood and duct cleaners fail. We trace every inch of duct work, find the access and cleanout ports, and completely clean your entire system. If there is any buildup of dirt or grease, we remove it.

Our thoroughness and verification program ensure that your facility is safe and ready for employees and guests.

Call us today at 1-800-819-2605 to discuss the needs at your hospitality facility.

Tri State keeps New England hotels, country clubs and ski resorts safe, including Nashua Country and Concord Country clubs.

Why Choose Us

Visit our Why Choose Us page for full details about what sets Tri State apart, which includes:

  • Fire Prevention Expertise
  • Commitment to Compliance
  • Process & Equipment
  • Quality Work
  • We Care That You Care
  • Background Checks & Certifications
  • Experience
  • Value & Savings

Read About Our Cleaning Standards:

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