Vent, Exhaust & Duct Cleaning for Educational Institutions

education institution duct cleaning servicesAn educational institution’s goal is to educate New England’s youth. But hidden dangers lurk in dryer vents, kitchen exhausts and HVAC ducts.

That’s why Tri State’s goal is to protect our priceless assets–the youth. We keep them safe from fire, poor quality air and other hidden dangers that remain unseen.

Tri State is more than just an HVAC, dryer vent and kitchen exhaust cleaning company. We:

  • Are a fire prevention and fire hazard removal company that cleans kitchen exhaust grease as well.
  • Clean your ductwork down to the bare metal and leave your entire kitchen immaculate and free from fire hazards.
  • Use HEPA filtration to keep your indoor air quality at a high standard and keep your educational institution in compliance with NADCA standards.

Our extensive reporting will:

  • Show you if there are any issues with your current exhaust system that need fixed
  • Point out leaky ductwork; if a fire occurs in leaky ducts it can spread rapidly

Tri State works with Chester College and many school districts in SAU’s in New England.

Why Choose Us

Visit our Why Choose Us page for full details about what sets Tri State apart, which includes:

  • Fire Prevention Expertise
  • Commitment to Compliance
  • Process & Equipment
  • Quality Work
  • We Care That You Care
  • Background Checks & Certifications
  • Experience
  • Value & Savings

Read About Our Cleaning Standards:

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